Preparations: Cry Me a River 100

Pre-race decisions; 100-mile training; fueling plan for a 100; shoe choices; tapering; packing list for a summer 100; and other ultrarunning stuff leading up to the race.


It became apparent that my husband was not going to be able to crew for me as planned. Was it possible to do my 100K birthday run self-supported?

Reach Up and Overcome

I shuffled my feet nervously as I waited in the brisk October morning air. I hoped what I had brought to the starting line would be enough. No, I reminded myself. I would not run this race on hope. I would run it on determination. It would be enough.


How do you deal with a devastating setback? How do you respond when a precious dream is so close to unfolding, but is suddenly torn from your hands?

A Flatlander Training for Altitude

With 22,500 feet of vertical gain and reaching an elevation of 13,150 feet, High Lonesome 100 is a challenging race in the Sawatch Mountains near Salida, Colorado. I have been intrigued by it since our oldest son ran it in 2019. During our son’s race, since we had plenty of family present to crew, I…

Find Your “I Can”

There is an opposition in all things. It is impossible to completely appreciate the sweet if you have never tasted the bitter. We cannot comprehend joy, when we have never known misery.

Autumn Musings

What do I think about while running long miles on the trails? Sometimes I pray; sometimes I let my mind just be blank; once in a while I compose poetry. Fall tends to inspire me to compose poetry more than any other season. I think it is my favorite time to be in the woods….