I am Grateful. I am Blessed. (Fifty High Altitude Colorado Miles!)

We were blessed with the opportunity to make a quick trip to Colorado recently! If you guessed that running was a reason for this trip (Okay, “THE” reason for this trip), you would be correct. With several of my planned races cancelled, and with my husband Don’s support, I decided to create my own event…

I Can’t Deny That You Are Right Here with Me

He said, “I want to ask you something kind of weird. If you think it’s too strange, you don’t have to answer.” He paused, and I wondered what in the world he was going to say!

Dizzy With Hope!

I will be honest. My DNF at Zion 100 in April really shook me. I have DNFed before. I DNFed my very first 100-mile attempt at Black Hills 100 in 2016. But the difference was that at Black Hills, my troubles came from a brush with heat exhaustion (we had record breaking heat on race…

I Ran in Awe

I ran alone through the woods yesterday. Alone? But no! As I drifted down the trail, an awareness burgeoned of a mighty Presence in the breathtaking beauty of every thicket.

Relentlessly Rugged, Breathtakingly Beautiful–Superior 100

I have a love-hate relationship with tough ultras. That is probably why I was screaming and jumping up and down with excitement last January when I found out my name was drawn in the lottery to run the Superior 100 trail race. Actually 103.3 miles with 21,000 feet of climbing (and an equal amount of decent), the race motto is “Rugged-Relentless-Remote.” And is it ever!

Glorious and Brutal: FlatRock 101K

It’s hard to find time to write for my blog, especially with 100-mile race training going on, so even though it’s now August, let’s flash back to April. April 28, 2018 to be exact. That was the day of the FlatRock 101K in Independence, Kansas. FR 101K is a double out-and-back course on the Elk…

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! —A review of a few minimal trail shoes

Disclaimer:  I am don’t pretend to be a professional shoe reviewer, and these reviews are just my opinions. I have to buy these shoes and send back the ones I don’t want to keep for a refund, so I don’t get to trail test them, only run on the treadmill. But I have fun shoe…

“Would you like to be UltraRunner of the Month?”

I was surprised and honored to be asked to be Epic Ultra’s Featured Runner of the Month in January 2018! I had a blast writing the interview and I hope you will enjoy getting to know me a bit better. You can find the original article here. Please drop by Epic Ultra’s website for more…

Running with Gratitude: Sander’s Saunter 50K

Sander’s Saunter 50K Saturday, November 11, 2017, 7:00 a.m. There are many reasons why I love this race! First of all, they have TailWind at the aid stations and not Heed! (My apologies to Heed fans, but I cannot stomach it!) Secondly, Mile 90 Photography is there to record our race story with spectacular photographs….

Eclipsed on the Trail

Did anyone else run through the eclipse? It was not a hard decision for me to choose heading for the trails during the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. I live in Missouri. Yep, like in the path of totality for the eclipse. I ordered eclipse glasses online for our family and payed for…


A solid training cycle combined with cooler race temperatures were a winning combination for me!