Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! —A review of a few minimal trail shoes

Disclaimer:  I am don’t pretend to be a professional shoe reviewer, and these reviews are just my opinions. I have to buy these shoes and send back the ones I don’t want to keep for a refund, so I don’t get to trail test them, only run on the treadmill. But I have fun shoe…


A solid training cycle combined with cooler race temperatures were a winning combination for me!

Take Two at Black Hills 100: Learning from Last Year’s Mistakes

Having birthed three children through long labors the natural, unmedicated way, I have to say that I can see a few resemblances between birthing and running a 100-mile race.  For one thing, in both events you are likely to have prolonged suffering, and at some point you want to quit. When you are deep into…

Run the Race of Life, Part 5. Diligence and Endurance

The trail grew rougher with larger rocks and potholes. My stomach was churning. My attitude was crashing. I started feeling like I was stuck in a nightmare of darkness, rocks, and nausea that would go on forever. My race was unraveling, and I seemed powerless to stop it.

Black Hills 100: My first 100-mile race

Friday, June 24 through Saturday, June 25, 2016  (Get comfy. It’s long.) Our son Aaron, who has run two 100+ mile races, told me that you can’t really comprehend what it is like to run a hundred miles until you have done it. He also said a 100 does not feel like two 50-mile races…