Running with Gratitude: Sander’s Saunter 50K

Sander’s Saunter 50K Saturday, November 11, 2017, 7:00 a.m. There are many reasons why I love this race! First of all, they have TailWind at the aid stations and not Heed! (My apologies to Heed fans, but I cannot stomach it!) Secondly, Mile 90 Photography is there to record our race story with spectacular photographs….

Maybe Next September . . . Fall 2016 Races: FlatRock 50K

This past fall, I ran two 50K trail races: FlatRock 50K and Sanders Saunter 50K. In September, it has become our family tradition to run FlatRock 50K on the beautiful Elk River Hiking Trail near Independence, Kansas.  It is a deceptively hard 50K for the Midwest because of the relentless rocky terrain. If one finishes…