Why Owl Hollow Farm?

2 kids and mini

Because I am committed to serving Jesus Christ, I want to honor Him in everything I do. I pray often and submit my compulsion to run to God. I ask Him to help me keep my balance within the stewardship of my time—and training for a 100-mile race is a big time commitment. Then the idea came to me that I could use this race to earn money for a worthwhile cause.

Once again, I hit the Internet to search for ways to do this and for a cause to support. I found many worthy causes, but  narrowed it down to two. The other cause would have been simple to support. It was already set up for runners to click and join. Everything I needed to start fund-raising was all ready in place.

Nevertheless, I felt compelled to choose Owl Hollow Farm as my race fund-raising project. We attend church with the founders, Bob and Cathy White, and have spent time in their home. We know first hand of their integrity and their desires to serve those who are broken and hurting. They rescue horses and bring healing to children through their free equine therapy program.  Yes, it is a free program, open not only to disabled children, but to all children.

Their website offers a concise description of their goals and services:

We provide a place of safety, acceptance and healing for children in need; a shelter from the storms of life. We actively maintain programs to bring horses back to health and bring joy and hope to children.

Each child that comes to Owl Hollow Farm is paired with a horse and a mentor that best fits their personality and needs. The child may groom, feed or just sit and talk to the horse under the constant supervision of their mentor.

Riding is not our primary goal, healing is. By learning to care for an animal, children learn independence and responsibility and can begin to care for their own emotional needs which may not have been previously addressed.

Owl Hollow Farm is a nonprofit organization, relying on volunteer work and donations.  There are no administrative costs.  No one receives a salary, not even Bob or Cathy. Every penny donated goes straight to the kids.  In fact, Bob and Cathy both work full time jobs in order to contribute financially to their dream of helping and healing.

This is a cause I feel called to support. I have made the first donation in my fund-raising campaign myself.  Won’t you please join me?

You can make a one-time donation now or pledge an amount for every mile that I complete in my race. (Completing the race will mean I run 106 miles!)

Please donate! Even a gift of $5.00 to $10.00 can help.  The secure donation link is at the top of this page.  Just click DONATE!